'The Promise' by Nikita Singh

About the Book: 

Author: Nikita Singh
Publisher: Grapevine (2012)
Some promises are worth keeping...

She smiles wide, and under it, hides pain she barely manages to endure. Her happiness brightens up the room, while inside, her heart drowns little by little.
Elusive, charismatic and incredibly rich, money is the one obsession he loves and hates in equal measure. He runs away from his past and the grief it brings with it.
She is capable of breaking down all his barriers, making his heart implore to give love and trust a second chance. Caught in the waves of alien emotions, a promise is made a promise to be together, to make their love last.
But when disaster hits, does their love prove strong enough to withstand the brutal force of reality? Or does the promise lay forgotten, as they struggle to regain balance of their lives?

About the Author:

Nikita Singh an avid blogger and writer, is the author of three bestselling novels Love Facebook, Accidentally In Love and If It's Not Forever (co-authored with Durjoy Datta). She has also contributed in the books of The Backbenchers series.

With a library stocked with over twelve thousand books, she is a voracious reader and loves her collection of fantasy novels. She graduated in pharmacy and works as an editor at a leading publishing house.

My Views: 

Feelings hurt. Feelings wreck your world and turn it upside down. They hurt you beyond the amount you can endure. It becomes a blood bath in your head. So many emotions, so many sentiments - all of them storming your head, trying to drown you in grief.
~ Nikita Singh, The Promise.

Finished reading the book. It did not make me wonder "what would happen next?" but it did keep me interested enough to read the book late into the night (till 4:30 am) and pick it up to read while brushing my teeth.
Imagine a calm vast ocean and you are sailing through peacefully, suddenly you see a storm at a distance ... it's okay, you know you can sail through, it is just a rough patch - you think. But then, as you sail closer you are shocked by its magnitude!
The storm destroys everything and everyone around you but leaves you safe to watch and suffer and die each day.
This is - The Promise for you.
The stormy part of the story forces you to step into Shambhavi's shoes and undergo her emotions.

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