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About the Book:

Title: Uff Ye Emotions 2 
Author: Various Authors. (Anthology)
Compiler: Vinit K Bansal
ISBN: 9789380914756
Publisher: General Press
Language: English
No. of pages: 192
Year of Publication: 2013

Like the lyrics of an old song, which keeps repeating themselves in our mind or a fever dormant in the blood or an importunate lover impossible to get rid of, the memories of love or 'love' itself keeps returning in our lives again and again at the oddest of times and the strangest of places.
Randomly, beautifully, haphazardly or passionately, love lives up again—for it has been waiting for you, waiting for this union, waiting to merge with YOU at last.
So, keeping the trend alive and after the roaring success of our novice, Uff Ye Emotions, we are back once again with Uff Ye Emotions-2.
With Love, comes many emotions—some of them being pain, betrayal, hatred, hope and friendship. We fall IN and OUT of love time and again, but we can never be tired of it—because it is one of the only few aspects of life we can’t keep ourselves away from, isn’t it?
Selected and edited by Vinit K. Bansal, this time again 11 touching stories from authors across the country, will be delighting the readers who swear by love stories. And for those who don’t read love stories much, come and discover why they are so engrossing.

About the Editor - Vinit K. Bansal

Vinit K. Bansal is the author of 'I am Heartless… A Real Confession', a novel, which has been continuously ruling the bestsellers charts since the last one and half years and has been acclaimed as one of the most touching love stories of recent time. He is fond of reading, writing and composing stories since childhood. He earned his Master’s degree from Kurukshetra University and was bestowed awards both at the college and university level. He continues to nurture his dream of writing till today and has succeeded in giving shape to his thoughts in his books. As a voracious reader and an avid writer, his vision extends to the realm of social service too. At present, he is working with the State Bank of India in Delhi and loves to pen down his thoughts whenever he finds time.
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List of stories and author links:
  1. The Client - by Vinit K. Bansal
  2. Moksha - by Kunal Marathe 
  3. When Destiny Strikes - by Mahi Singla 
  4. The Woman Who Waited - by Shalini Katyal 
  5. The Pale Pigeon - by Siddhartha Yadav
  6. Hickey - by Heema Shirvaikar
  7. NCERT of L_O_V_E - by Himanshu Chhabra and Udita Pal
  8. I'll Be There - by Ishani Malhotra 
  9. Dilemma - by Tarang Sinha
  10. 120 Minutes - by Saravana Kumar Murugan 
  11. Love and Sacrifices - by Meghant Parmar and Heena Ahuja

My Views: 

In General

The cover of this book says, "India's most loved story book is back". This obviously increased my expectations from the book. I must admit at this point that I have not read the first Anthology. What made me buy this book was that one of my good blogger friends - Tarang Sinha features in this Anthology.
After reading the stories in this book, I realized why it is called India's most loved story book; perhaps because of its Simplicity.

The stories are simple, easy to read, grasp and visualise. A few stories have a moral, a few make us think.
Personally, I did not like about how this book appears on online sites and / or stores. The Editor Vinit K Bansal does not say anything to introduce or appreciate the contributors, he does not share the story behind the compilation, which leads me to think whether he has only edited the manuscript or has really selected stories himself and compiled into this book. Maybe he has done so in the first book? Since I already mentioned I have not read the first book, I have absolutely no idea. And - there might be many more like me out there who would buy only this book, even those people would be left in the dark.

Vinit K. Bansal features in this book and has contributed a story, which is the first in the list of stories. The author Bios appear before each story and follow a same format, whereas The Client begins without Author Bio because he is already mentioned in the beginning pages.
Just a thought - If it had been me in his place, I would have followed the same format for my bio which is used for all authors AND I would have listed my story in the end because if I am compiling/editing a book of various authors, it is my responsibility to introduce them before myself.

About Each Story:

  • The Client - After reading Vinit K. Bansal's bio (I have not yet read any of his books) I had more expectations from this story. I liked how the story begins and progresses however, I was disappointed by the end. Nevertheless, a good story about a young prostitute, Riva, who finds true love unexpectedly. But her previous experiences with men make her wary of trusting anyone who tries to find a place in her heart.
  • Moksha - Simple. Too Simple. The only strong point about this story is how it begins in present, shifts to the past and comes back to the present. The build-up made me expect a different end, a different reason for the protagonist to do what he does. Visualizing this story, I felt as if I was watching a medium budget hindi movie. It's a story of Arshadeep who is arrested and now faces trial in the court of law for the murder of a woman; the woman he loved the most.
  • When Destiny Strikes - This is one story, which I felt I would not mind reading for the second time. The author, like the others, has used simple language however, there is something different about this story. The plot, the attention given to the characters, the description and finally, the end. It is the story of Gunjan who is well-settled after marrying a rich business tycoon and she feels blessed to have a caring husband and a son. Her chance meeting with her best friend from the past, Payal makes her travel back into time when her expectations from life were different. Her friendship with Payal is re-lived in those few moments and a secret revealed as well.
  • The Woman Who Waited - This is one of my favourites from the Anthology. It is strong on emotions and well written. Travel in the present, plunge into the past and jump back to the present, the author has done justice to the plot. It is the story of Madhumita who is heart broken and finds it hard to come out of her past. Unexplained goodbyes are often toughest to accept and so is true about Madhumita who is still waiting for Ashish, the love of her life. I loved the end.
  • Pale Pigeon - The title is intriguing. The story line simple and well-handled. Did seem like one of bollywood movies, though. It is a story of Mohit and Richa who journey through their life, together. Hoping to have a relaxing life after their retirement, they are forced back into the chaos of life due to their responsibility as parents. The use of hindi word "yaara" in the story is disappointing and totally unasked for. 
  • Hickey - This is my favourite from the Anthology. A story with a message, a story that will make you think. A story that will bring out the suppressed anger if you have been a victim to a situation similar to what the author talks about. The protagonist is portrayed as a strong woman who has many questions for people around her and also for herself. The author has beautifully dealt with subjects like domestic violence and marital rape.
  • NCERT of L_O_V_E - Simple. Sweet. Young Love. A wrong story to place after a serious one like Hickey. The innocence of protagonists is questionable. Either they are kidding or are really portrayed as someone who has no idea that kisses don't make babies. What I liked about this story is that it has been written by two people. To match the wavelength of another person and share the manuscript is something I would never be able to do. The letters in the story are sort of cute and spell innocence. It is a story of Himanshu and Udita (have heard these names before?) who are students of Class 8th and are in love with each other. I kind-of-liked the end, it made me smile. Innocent Love.
  • I'll Be There - One of the mature love stories in this book. Well narrated and the author does justice to the emotions of the characters. Once again, the protagonist is heart-broken. However, the way the heart-break is handled by the author in this story is different than how it is handled by another author in this anthology. And, personally, I would vote for this one. It is a story about Sheena who takes a short break from her life to heal her broken heart and returns back home with heart filled with love and mind with questions and uncertainty. What she thinks she has left behind at the venue of her short vacation follows her home and forces her to take an important decision of her life.
  • Dilemma - The story for which I bought this book in first place. It is well-written, interesting plot and a mature topic. One of my favourites but not on top of the list. Sometimes, we think we have our life chalked out perfectly, only to be taunted by life with twists that change the course of our life, throw us off-track and wonder why in first place did we bother to chalk it out. The dilemma of the protagonist is well expressed. This is the story of Ashima, a divorcee who faces the dilemma of taking an important decision of her life, the decision that will affect not only her life, but also the lives of the people she loves the most. To begin with, she is not absolutely sure about her relationship with Ronit and then she comes face to face with yet another responsibility she is not sure whether she is ready to take. 
  • 120 minutes - Interesting read. Story of Sid who faces a life and death situation and all that he wants is to reach home safe and be next to his wife. The walk through 120 minutes is interesting but lacks intensity. I don't think any wife would call her husband an idiot in this kind of situation. Even if it is supposed to have been said lovingly. Personally, I would have loved to read the other protagonist's perspective as well. 
  • Love and Sacrifices - Yet another story written by two authors. A interesting plot, which could have been handled better. One of the stories that smoothly journeys from present to past and to present. It is a story about Radhika and Clark and as the title suggests is about their love and their hardships in life. 
Overall, a decent addition to your collection. I could not read the book quickly enough for personal reasons, however, had I been able to give time to this book as I usually prefer to give, I would have finished this book in two nights, if not one. Simple stories on love and relationships. The authors have the potential to do better and I personally feel they should not restrict themselves to too much simplicity. They should pour in some more emotions, make the readers feel the depth of emotions of the protagonists and bring out the tear or the smile. I might read the first book now and I know I must not, but I also know that I would compare the two books. If I read the first book, you might get a review here..

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