'Live-in with a Ghost' - By Kritika Sharma

About the Book: 

Title: Live-in with a Ghost
Author: Kritika Sharma
Publisher: Half Baked Beans
Language: English
No. of pages: 157
Year of Publication: 2015

ISBN: 9789384315139
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Jia & Jai have a unique love story where she is human and he is a ghost. They meet during an out-of-body experience after an accident. Although from different worlds, she is simple middle-class journalist and he is a rich playboy, they fall in love instantly. During the adventure of their relation they both go through various exciting events which include tears, laughter, love and even fighting-off goons. Throughout their relation, the only thing Jia fears is what if he wakes up and forgets her. And in the end of the story he does wake up but if he remembers her is yet to be known...

About the Author:

Kritika is an enthusiast writer, reviewer, blogger and Senior Manager in a leading Market research company and is currently based in Mumbai.

Her passions lie in cooking, writing and reading. Apart from family and work, she spends most of her time reading different fantasy stories and she has eventually ended up building up one of her own. Kritika is also a singer and loves to write poems for varied occasions.

My Views:

I have been reading some serious stuff past few weeks and this book was a welcome change. It is a simple and easy read; it made me smile. The story reminds me of one of my favourite movies 'Just Like Heaven' but the book is not exactly the same. 
The cover is simple and suits the story-line. The characters could have been defined better. Language is simple and the flow is steady; you can finish reading the book in one go.
The part when Jia wakes up from a coma and sees Jai (his ghost) for the first time is well-written. I could visualize the fear, the increase in heart rate etc.
The blurb of the book mentions "And in the end of the story he does wake up but if he remembers her is yet to be known..." hence I was a bit disappointed by the way the book ended. If I had written it, I would have definitely elaborated and added some twists; giving the readers a chance to get emotionally attached to the story with 'what happens next' thoughts at the back of their minds.

The time both Jia and Jai spend together 'living-in' is written beautifully, though. It's kind of a sweet love story. Like I mentioned before it is a simple and easy read; so I would recommend it to those who enjoy these kind of books. 
I will give points to the author since it is her debut book. If she does consider coming out with a revised version; I would suggest adding more to the plot towards the end (and correcting the typos). 
I wish the author all the best for her future endeavours. 

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