'For the Sake of Love' by Anamika Mishra

About the Book:

Title: For the Sake of Love
Author: Anamika Mishra
Publisher: Westland
Language: English
No. of pages: 177
Year of Publication: 2017
ISBN: 9789386850461
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Young, pretty and successful, Twisha Khanna has it all. She works hard and has no time for frivolities like love. After all, being the creative head of a happening travel magazine is no joke.
So when she travels to Shimla on an assignment, the last thing on Twisha’s mind is love. But then, life has other plans. On finding a stack of old love letters that speak of an unrequited romance, Twisha is convinced that she must find the man who wrote these letters and help him.
Along the way, she meets spoilt rich boy Alex, who is everything she would NOT want in a man. As the two try to reunite the old lovers mentioned in the letters, they are hardly aware that how they feel about love and life is going to change forever…

About the Author:


Her debut novel Too hard to handle was released in Sept 2013. Her Novel VoiceMates published by Jaico in 2015.

She is also a blogger and occasionally delivers motivational talks. Writing is her first passion. Second is travelling and photography.

Anamika holds a degree of Masters in Journalism & Mass Communication. She is known for strong opinions and passionate defense for her beliefs. Her witty, cheerful & humorous persona has made her popular amongst the youth. She has a 'think positive & keep patience' perception towards life. Her articles on life and relationships have inspired many people from all across the world.

She is a member of Indian Speakers Bureau and People For Animals NGO.

My Views: 

This is the third book by Anamika Mishra. I have read and reviewed the previous two here. I must say that I am really impressed with the growth of the author in this book. I would like to give credit to the editor for the flawless editing, that makes the book much more interesting to read.

When I started reading the book, it was obviously with some expectations and I have to admit that Anamika has gone past my expectations with this book. When I read another book by her, it will be with a lot more expectations.

About this book-

That's the thing about Love; it demands to be expressed.

The book starts with letters written by David to Jasmine, from 1956 to 1959 and, then we are introduced to Twisha. The story is narrated by her. There are more letters as the story progresses; the leters and twisha's story run parallel for a while but then meet at a point and then the proper plot for further story is laid out.
Character description is good, the flow of the story is awesome, well-paced, neither too slow nor too fast. I would have finished reading the book in one day (night) had I not been tired. The language is simple and lucid. The plot interesting. The end is predictable, including figuring out who Chris is (or maybe that is just me). It did remind me of a movie.

I love the character of Bobby, even though Twisha is the protagonist. Alex seems to be a complicated person; I assume author wanted him to be that way.

The book cover is simple and relevant. Let's say the couple on the cover is Twisha and ________, I would have loved to see blurred images of David and Jasmine in the backrgound. That would have made the cover complete.

For the Sake of Love is a plain and simple love story with no twists to pique the interest of the reader; but, it does manage to keep the interest going. It's a book you would love to read as you travel.

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