'Manhattan Malhotras' by KN Mystique

About the Book:

Title: Manhattan Malhotras
Author: KN Mystique | On Twitter
Publisher: Sold by Amazon Digital South Asia Services. (Ranked #778 in Kindle Store)
Language: English
No. of pages: 254
Year of Publication: 2015
Buy: Kindle Version

Welcome to the world of Manhattan Malhotras:

Rohan Malhotra - A 40 something successful entrepreneur, completely devoted to his work, wife and daughter.

Neha Malhotra - A renowned teen therapist, author of a New York Times Bestseller and a proud mother.

Naisha Malhotra - A highly popular 16 year old, who goes to a private school in Manhattan

Sounds perfect, doesn't it? But what happens when this amazing, magazine perfect, good on paper family falls apart? Rohan has it all (minus a receding hairline), but still feels compelled to walk away. Neha feels like a phony therapist, preaching parenting to the world, while walking on thin ice, when it comes to managing her relationship with her daughter. And Naisha - though she fits in perfectly on the outside, she feels more out of place with each passing day, whether it is at home or at school.

Eventually, the Malhotras ditch all the rules of the "conventional happy family" rule-book! But do they find their happiness? Join them on this intriguing quest...


Neha is a teen therapist living in Manhattan. Her book "Manhattan Bullies" is a New York Times Bestseller. It looks as though she has it all - the same husband she fell in love with almost two decades ago, a lovely teenage daughter and a successful career.

But what happens when her daughter, Naisha, who is having the hardest time surviving in the queendom clique at school, invalidates Neha's every parenting theory and Rohan, her doting husband decides to part ways without providing much of an explanation?

Manhattan Malhotras is a tale of three women in different age groups and their unique, yet intertwined, life experiences. Adolescent Naisha, who constantly treads on thin ice, while dealing with her BFF Rayna and wooing the man of her dreams - Aarav. Thirty something Tara's spiritual egotism, which comes in the way of her professional dreams and personal desires. And forty something Neha's quest to rediscover passion!

About the Author:

​KN Mystique is the pen name for Kinjal Darukhanawala. She is based in Mumbai, is a mom, co-founder of www.liferesolve.com, and written a self help guide @ www.liferesolve.com/intro/

My Views

There are some books that deserve more exposure than they get. Manhattan Malhotras is one such book. It might not be a bestseller but it definitely needs to get out there in the market.
I was approached to review the book and I downloaded it with my KindleUnlimited subscription. It is available to buy on Amazon Kindle and not as a paperback. Shame. Like I mentioned before. It deserves to be out there.
I tried searching Google for more details about the book and the author but could not find much. KN Mystique has done a good job for her first fiction. (already mentioned under 'about author' she's written a self help guide)

Now about the book:
When I first started reading it I was not sure I would like it as much as I did. The language, choice of words, the flow of the story is very good; making it an easy read. There were times when I could not keep down the kindle even though there is not much of suprise element.
It's about people, their relationships, the tangles, the struggles, their attempts at living a normal life.
The way the characters are portrayed is amazing.
The author begins by introducing Pamela Singh in the About the Book: Introduction part, this character plays an important role in the book and it's interesting to read this character's perspective on other characters.

Overall, it is a good and an easy read and deserves to be read for the efforts put in by the Author. My best wishes to her.

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