'Journey is My Path' by TraBlogger (Jithin S)

About the Book:

Title: Journey is my Path
Author: TraBlogger (Jithin S)
Publisher: Jimpify
Language: English
No. of pages: 155 (in kindle version)
Year of Publication: 2015
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"You don't choose a path. The path chooses you. Be grateful for all the mistakes that you have done in your life, for they are guiding you to somewhere where you are supposed to be. Even if you miss a turn, took a wrong turn, the path is guiding you to your ultimate Destination". That is how I discovered "Journey Is My Path".

Everyone experiences a crisis in his life regarding his identity and purpose. It may be frustrating trying to figure out what one really wants to do in life. Many a times, people go through different stages, situations and even an emotional roller coaster ride. They make mistakes, learn from those mistakes and ultimately move on.

"Journey is my Path" is a tale of the twists and turns, highs and lows, successes and failure in the life of the protagonist who is in search of his life's purpose. This existential dilemma is familiar to every '20-something' person and the reader can empathise when the protagonist negotiates through life's pleasures and disappointments while learning to pick himself up after every knock.

The tale starts beautifully, giving the reader a glimpse of a normal and happy childhood. Yet, it is clear that happiness in life depends on things other than a good education and a career. Life has a way of throwing up surprises and challenges for the protagonist. The book follows him, his decisions and the consequences. His overwhelming dilemma over the twists of fate direct him to choose untraditional ways to attaining his goals.

The story moves chronologically, from one phase of life to another and from one mistake to another.

The book is divided into Childhood, Adolescence, Youth and Adulthood. They reflect the different stages of the protagonist's life. There are different lessons learnt at each step.

It is a heart warming read of his journey and of the questions that need answers. The reader can relate to the struggle of the protagonist through his career and life choices and the unusual path that he chooses to reach his destination.

Needless to say, it is a travel through a series of journeys. The life lessons, thoughts and the philosophy of the protagonist are woven into the story. His thoughts mature and towards the end, he reaches a solution, that anyone can use in his day-to-day life. The book offers a simple and practical philosophy to sort out problems and to lead a fuller and better life through the realisation of dreams.

About the Author:


The author found his calling in Photography, Travel and Visual Story telling by sharing them through his Blog. Trablogger takes people for a photo walk on his blog.
He captures and freeze the beauty around the world along with it’s varied, mundane and intricate life, through his lens and pen.
To read more about his travel stories, visit his blog or the official facebook page or Tweet.

My Views: 

Almost everything that can be said about this book is mentioned in the description (taken from goodreads); let me do my part here.
The cover of the book is attractive and goes well with the title. The first impression one has about this book is that it's just another travelogue. However, it is more than just that. It also feels like a meticulously written journal. Since the narration is good; one can finish reading it in one go. The author takes us on a journey from childhood through adolescence to adulthood and then continues with his experience as a traveller. Reading this book was a new experience for me. Simple and realistic writing is what makes you continue reading no matter what frame of mind you are in. You go through the emotions of the author, the fears and the strength, through his words. Though I must admit that it lacks the in-depth emotions that I am used to reading.
The following lines caught my attention and are worth mentioning here:

"... everyone was a prisoner of their thoughts and fears. And fortunately or unfortunately those limiting fearful thoughts were one's own creation, which they have complete control over."
~ Jithin S (TraBlogger)
Overall, it is an easy and good read. Since it's a debut book; I would recommend it as encouragement to the author.

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