'I am M-M-Mumbai' by Rishi Vohra

About the Book:

Title: I am M-M-Mumbai
Author: Rishi Vohra
Publisher: Vishwakarma Publications
Language: English
No. of pages: 192
Year of Publication: 2018
ISBN:  9789386455703

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An intelligent, good-looking young man, Rudra should have been going places, except wherever he goes, he faces ridicule and humiliation because he stammers. His stammering has only ever brought him the wrong kind of attention and he has never been able to overcome it or move past it. Now at 25, he feels completely stifled and embittered that Mumbai, the city of dreams, has always crushed his own dreams, particularly his long-cherished one of becoming a film actor.
Then he meets Richa and love gives him a ray of hope. But heartbreak devastates him and he spins into a downward spiral that eventually pushes him to rock bottom. Now, his only way up is to conquer his fear and insecurity once and for all and speak.
Will Mumbai finally listen?

About the Author:

https://www.facebook.com/rishthefishRishi Vohra took to writing while he was pursuing his MBA in Sustainability at San Francisco State University, after an extensive career in the Hindi Film Industry.

Since then, he has published two novels – Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai (awarded a special mention at the Hollywood Book Festival) and HiFi in Bollywood. His short story, The Mysterious Couple, was featured in Sudha Murty’s anthology – Something Happened on the Way to Heaven. I am M-M-Mumbai is his third novel.

He writes for delWine and is a Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW), Society of Wine Educators (USA) and Alfiere Italico – Wine Cultore (Italy).

My Views: 

The author approached me for review in October, I downloaded the kindle version in November but could not start reading it until the day before yesterday. I started in the evening and by the time I decided to keep it aside I was 62% done reading.
Finished it yesterday night.

The point being - I am M-M Mumbai is a quick read. Simple and entertaining.
The cover of the book is okay; not the one that screams "pick-me-up", though.
The story is about the protagonist's struggle in Mumbai city, hence the title "I Am M-M Mumbai". M-M Mumbai, because, the protagonist stutters. But, I ask - why "I Am"? If the story would have been narrated from the city's perspective, then the title would have seemed justified. That would have been an interesting idea, according to me.

The story flow is very good and all the characters are well-described and believable.
Rudra, the protagonist faces humiliation in his life because of his stuttering. He has the support of his neighbor - Shibani; who loves  Rudra - the readers can understand that a few paragraphs into their conversation but the protagonist fails to understand that or is unwilling to accept. The complication in their relationship could have been explained better.

The story flow is good but the story itself is predictable. The love shared between Rudra and  Richa lacks depth according to me. It's over before we begin to appreciate their relationship. I am M-M Mumbai is about the struggles of the protagonist, about different phases in his life; maybe that's why the author rushes through.
However, the post-break-up phase is lengthier than the actual love phase.
That's when the protagonist hits rock bottom. Maybe, the author wanted to leave an impact on the reader's mind.

In my short review on Goodreads, I have mentioned "Not a dull moment in the story." This is the elaborate explanation of the same.

Rudra finds his way out of the mess with the help of another character - Devika, who supports him selflessly. In real life, we might not come across selfless people easily but it seems well placed and justified in this Novel.
You need to remember - you are reading fiction.

The return of Richa in Rudra's life is meant to complete the circle of their relationship; seems justified.

There are a couple of Hindi words, but they do not seem out of place.

The story ends on a happy note; the protagonist returns favors to the people he's taken help from, this is the author's way to wrap things up; I would have ended it differently.

I am not sure whether the author had this in mind while writing the novel, but I Am M-M Mumbai has the ingredients of a Bollywood Film. A one-time watch movie, for me.

Overall, the story is predictable but well-written. Language is good, editing perfect.
You might consider reading this novel if you are looking for a light read. You will not miss much if you skip this book but if you do read, you will move on to the next book with a smile on your face.

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