'My Ramyeon Girl' by Nethra Anjanappa

About the Book:

Title: My Ramyeon Girl
Author: Nethra Anjanappa
Publisher: Fablery
Language: English
No. of pages:96
Year of Publication: 2020

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One afternoon, Lee Jung-Su, a star at the peak of his career meets Meena at a ramyeon shop, and thenceforth things take a turn. He gradually grows to like her, but encounters racism first-hand as he falls for the Indian girl.

Celebrities don't have it easy, especially not in South Korea. His fresh approach towards acting and the consequences of his relationship with Meena changes his perspectives of black and white, of good and bad, of reality and fantasy.

About the Author:

Goli Vadapavhttps://twitter.com/GoliVadaPav

Based in Bangalore, Nethra is a post-graduate in Business Administration from Christ University Institute of Management and is a graduate in Computer Science & Engineering from University Visvesvarya College of Engineering-Bangalore. She is a voracious reader and a fiction writer, who puts quality writing over everything else. Her interest in good stories and writing made her start Fablery Mediaworks, a media house and a publisher of novellas and graphic novels. 

My Views:  

I would like to begin with what I usually say for debut novels. Writing takes effort and readers must appreciate that. I know Nethra Anjanappa because of Fablery, which published Lucifer's Lungi by Nitin Sawant, which I have reviewed here. My Ramyeon Girl is her debut novella.

I am glad I picked up the book when I did, I had just finished reading a serious book titled 'Behind Closed Doors' by B. A. Paris and had chosen 'Veronika Decides to Die' by Paulo Coelho to read next. I picked up My Ramyeon Girl because it seemed like an easy read. You can call this novella as an in-between book; and, I mean it as a compliment. 
You need an in-between book to refresh your mind. 

The cover is simple, goes well with the title; tells nothing much about the story, though.
The language is simple and easy to read. Editing almost perfect, though there are some typos. Character development could have been better. Yes, some characters get the deserved attention but there are some - with just names mentioned that the reader cannot really relate to. 
The story flow is good but I did have to re-read at some places in the story to understand what was happening. The story flows smoothly at times and then there's this sudden rush that is difficult to grasp. (Reflects the speed of thoughts going through the author's mind).

The chemistry between the protagonists lacks depth, indicating that neither of them is trying really hard to work towards the relationship (The author told me that's what she wanted to describe). The female protagonist does not seem to be as deeply involved in the relationship as the male protagonist is, that's one of the reasons why the ending did not sit well with me. However, the way the female protagonist treats the male protagonist - like a human and not a celebrity is admirable; speaks of the comfort level between the characters.
I did not like the way the story ended (the author told me that many others did not like it as well but in Author's words 'that's how real life works').

Overall, this book is worth appreciating as a debut novella. I read somewhere that the author is working on her second book and I believe there is room for growth. There's potential to be tapped.
It's a simple, decent, one-time-read book. You can skip if you are a serious reader who does not have the time for first-time authors. Do give it a try if you are like me who wants to rest their mind before starting the next serious book.

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