'Mythological Monologues' by Purba Chakraborty

About the Book:
Title: Mythological Monologues: 26 Dramatic Monologues of Epic Characters from Ramayana and Mahabharata
Author: Purba Chakraborty
Publisher: Purba Chakraborty & Co
Language: English
No. of pages: 76
Year of Publication: 2020

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How did Ahalya feel when Sage Gautam cursed her to be a stone?
How did Eklavya feel when Dronacharya asked for his right thumb as his Guru Dakshina?
How did Karna feel when he learned he was the brother of the Pandavas before the Kurukshetra war?
How did Draupadi go through the various trials and tribulations of her life? What was her anchor?
How did Arjuna feel after being enlightened by Lord Krishna on the battlefield of Kurukshetra?

The friendship of Sudama, the love of Radha, the longing of Rukmini, the devotion of Shabari, the compassion of Sita, and the revenge of Shikhandi also find a place in this book of dramatic monologues.

Embark on this fascinating journey inside the minds of iconic characters of Ramayana and Mahabharata. Listen closely to their voices and dive deep into their hearts. Maybe, you will find yourself in some of them.

About the Author:

Goli Vadapav

Purba Chakraborty is the author of 3 novels – Walking in the streets of Love and Destiny, The Hidden Letters, Canvas of a Mind and three poetry books The Heart Listens to No One, Letters from the Soul and Mythological Monologues. She has contributed her poems and short stories in more than 10 anthologies and various magazines. She is an English Literature educator, content developer and blogger from Kolkata.

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My Views:  

We all know Ramayana and Mahabharata. However, imagine yourself sitting in a room with all these characters taking 'the couch' one by one and sharing their deepest darkest thoughts in the simplest of words. In comes 'Ahalya" and says - "He had just cursed me to transform into a stone; Me - his loyal, devoted, beloved wife, Ahalya. He mouthed the curse the way one rebukes a stray animal..."

And even though you know the story how Ahalya was turned into a stone and waited for Lord Rama's holy feet to liberate her; we want to know more about personal thoughts of the character, who continues sharing with you 'I could envision the future of women. Men will molest them, rape them. Yet society will blame and punish the poor women; I shuddered at the magnitude of the curse. Sage Gautam did not just curse me, he had cursed all women in his rage. The agony of my daughters, granddaughters and great granddaughters made an excruciating lump form in my throat..."

This is just the beginning. This is the first poem of the book and one of my favourites; the one, which hooked me to the book. Yes, the cover is good, the title self-explanatory but the content is "Impressive".
The idea of Mythological monologues one of its kind.

Ten characters from Ramayana and Sixteen from Mahabharata might (the way last poem 'Yudhishthira' added more to what I already knew about this story) or might not add to your existing knowledge about Ramayana and Mahabharata but they would open a window to a different perspective for you. 

Overall, it is a light read. The language is simple, flow easy and smooth. It is the kind of book you would enjoy reading while you travel short destinations. I'd recommend it to my readers.

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